204 - ~155 
I had already lost ~30 by the left photo!!!

650 notes in a day is a new record :o


Multigrains and chia seeds soaked overnight and layered with mango, banana, mixed berries and homemade granola :)

It’s 7.30pm here in Australia.. I’ve got one full belly of vegetable soup (no oil or salt) ☺️ Now cuddled up in bed with some lemon water and a book… I just want to fall into a warm sleep and start tomorrow as fast as I can!..I crave early mornings now isn’t that funny? I swear ever since exploring a plant based lifestyle my sleep has been effortlessly long and I have naturally been able to wake up earlier! Also yoga has been amazing for overall “flexibility and bounce into my day”! It’s normally dark around 5.30am so I light a candle and do 6 sun salutations after I guzzle 1 litre of water (YouTube it and give it a try for a couple of weeks!) ☀️
"Your body is the piece of the Universe you’ve been given."
Geneen Roth  (via talisman)

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